Barn Quilt Keepsakes

Barn Quilt Keepsakes

Posted by Cindy Schreiber on 13th Mar 2016

Here is a great link to find your state's Quilt Trail so you can plan a trip to see all the hand painted quilt tiles mounted on barns and other buildings  - known as Quilt Barns - in your state.  A great trip in the country after winter.   Be sure to take a camera because the buildings and patterns are so beautiful and unique.    

Click here for Your Source for Barn Quilt Information from Suzi Parron, Author with Donna Sue Groves of Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement

Then remember you trip with our wooden shelf sitters of Quilt Barns that you can arrange with trees, quilts on clotheslines to create your own stunning display.

Flying Dutchman Quilt Barn

Double Wedding Ring

Dresden Plate Quilt Barn