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Express Youself with Bangled Bracelets

Posted by Cindy Schreiber on 12th Apr 2016

When I think of a bangled bracelet images of ancient cultures surrounded in mystery and intrigue come into my head. Okay, I have been watching a lot of Agatha Christie’s Poirot lately and the orien … read more
Barn Quilt Keepsakes

Barn Quilt Keepsakes

Posted by Cindy Schreiber on 13th Mar 2016

Here is a great link to find your state's Quilt Trail so you can plan a trip to see all the hand painted quilt tiles mounted on barns and other buildings  - known as Quilt Barns - in your st … read more

Keep your gardening simple

Posted by Cindy Schreiber on 1st Jan 2015

I love to garden, but time is always an issue, so I love tips that I find that make live easy and simple.  Paul James from Gardening by the Yard always has great ideas;  Click … read more