Cat's Meow Village Diamond Head Lighthouse, O'ahu, Hawaii #08-622

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  • Maker: Cat's Meow Village, FJ Designs OH, USA
  • Item: Composite Wooden 2-D Building
  • Size: Approximate, 6.25" H x 3.25 W x 3/4 D (inches)
  • Condition: Brand New Item, in original package
  • Maker Marks: Casper, Faline & Cat's Meow Village
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Pattern: 2008 Pacific Lighthouse Collection Series --  Diamond Head Lighthouse, O'hau, Hawaii, #08-622
  • Seller's Comments: Cat’s Meow Village pieces are collections of two-dimensional wooden miniature screen-printed and hand crafted buildings, houses and other accessories. Designs are the creation of Faline Fry Jones of FJ Designs. Note the little cat, Casper, this is the symbol of authenticity and is found on each piece.  Delightful historic lighthouse keepsakes made in the USA by Cat’s Meow Village.  Diamond Head Lighthouse is located on the south side of O'ahu, 147 feet above sea level, on a steep cliff of the extinct Diamond Head volcano. This 55-foot tower was built in 1917 and its beacon can be seen 18 miles out to sea.