Cat's Meow Village Halloween Buzzard Express Spellbound Tours Train Car #21-634

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  • Maker: Cat's Meow Village, FJ Designs OH, USA
  • Item: Wooden Building
  • Size: Approximate Size: 3.25X 2.25 x .75
  • Condition: Brand NEW in original package
  • Maker Marks: Casper, Faline & Cat's Meow
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Pattern:  Buzzard Express Train Car:  Spellbound Tour Train Car #21-634 - 8th piece in our Buzzard Express train collection.  
    • Seller's Comments: Candabean Collectibles is delighted to be an official Cat's Meow Retailer! We have selected some of the most popular to complete your collectionsCat’s Meow Village pieces are collections of two-dimensional wooden miniature screen-printed and hand crafted buildings, house and other accessories. They sit perfectly on your wainscoting, door and window ledges or shelves.  Designs are the creation of Faline Fry Jones of FJ Designs. Note the little cat, Casper, this is the symbol of authenticity and is usually found on each piece.